A blockchain game with exploration, farming, and combat-a guide to the Star war cat game

Star Wars Cat is a metaverse blockchain game that can achieve multi-scene superimposed gaming experience such as collection, reproduction, exchange, exploration, battle, farming and so on. In the world of war cats, players are transformed into star war cats in a distributed network, enjoy the boundless star universe. The gameplay is simple and can be summarized in the following aspects:


There are two types of blind boxes, one is ordinary blind boxes, the other is Genesis blind boxes which is more rare and capable. Ordinary blind boxes are 1~3 star blind boxes, and the probability of opening summer series for one star blind box is 80%; video game series: 19%; future series: 1%. Probability of opening summer series for two Star Blind Box is 60%; video game series: 35%; future series: 5%. The probability of three star Blind Box opening summer series is 40%; video game series: 40%; future series: 20% (20% of future series have a probability of opening future female cats).

The Genesis Blind Box can directly get the rare breed of Genesis Royal Cat. The upper limit of the single chain of this breed is 1888, and there are only 333 female cats. If the Genesis Blind Box is sold out, the Royal Cat can only be obtained by breeding the Genesis Royal Female Cat. Royal cats and future cats, as the rarest species on the entire platform, are not only more exquisitely designed in appearance, but also more powerful in data strength and mining , and they also enjoy platform dividends. If you have a rarer female cat, you can breed and sell to other players. After the blind box is exchanged, female cat are necessary to breed and sell to expand the base player.

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The cats in the game are all non-homogeneous tokens NFT. After the player passes the NFT, unlock the corresponding card slot, and the cat can help you “earn”. After getting the cat NFT, you can choose to place it in the card slot so that you can start mining. The mining performance is linked to the cat’s NFT hash, and the hash is related to the rarity and cat feeding. Therefore, cultivating cats to adulthood can achieve higher returns.

The higher the rarity, the higher the computing power. The rarity of the future series and the royal family can enjoy the mining pool dividends. Players will be able to receive part of the game revenue every day: mainly for the consumption of tokens generated by feeding and the consumption of transfers. After adulthood, future and royal cats NFT can enjoy dividends. If the cats are still not cultivated to adulthood, they will not be able to enjoy dividends.


Cat development is a unique system of Star Wars Cat. The NFTs of the cats obtained using the blind box are all kittens and need to be fed in the nursery to grow up. It takes a total of 240 hours to reach adulthood. After 24 hours of growth, the cat will grow its hash in the farm card slot, so there is no need to worry about the impact of the cat’s growing hash on mining revenue. Of course, if you need to speed up the growth rate, you can breastfeed your cat and consume a certain amount of SWCAT tokens.

Cat breeding is an important way to obtain rare NFTs in the later stage, especially for royal cats. After the blind boxes are sold out, they can only be bred by royal female cats, ensuring the scarcity of the royal family. For cat breeding, first you must select pregnant female cats in the pregnancy park. If the pregnancy is successful, you can check them in the labor park. Mother cats need to be fed to the state of adult cats to give birth. Pregnancy in the pregnancy preparation center may fail. SWCAT can be used to increase the success rate, and BNB can also be used to increase the probability of pregnant with a female cat.

After the pregnancy is successful, you can wait in the waiting house. If you need to speed up, you can also spend SWCAT in the waiting park to shorten the time.


Playing against each other and exploring star war resources is also a big fun part of the game. Battle for resources in the major territories will online first. After victory, the mining output in the Star Wars Cat Territory can be accelerated.

PVP is also the essence of online entertainment. In the Star Wars PVP competition, you can compete for the strongest war cats, and you can get game token rewards when you win. The season rankings will also receive generous rewards after the season is settled. The series will restrain each other, and the different types of each series will also restrain each other. Players can upgrade and build equipment to make themselves stronger. Each time PVP, the system will randomly assign opponents with similar combat strength to meet players’ experience.

There are endless resources in the universe. Players and war cats can work together to find lost civilization, future technology, and scarce resources to create their own resources. There is also a BOSS planet in the planet. Defeating the boss that dominates the entire planet can get a lot of resources. Not only is it valuable, but it can also improve its own combat power and gain further exploration capabilities.

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Players can spend money to experience various entertainment games and experience unprecedented fun in Planet Casino. The turnover of SWCAT game tokens required by the project is realized through the blockchain game economic community.

Star Wars Cat isn’t a complete blockchain game with Several major gameplays, it is more like a traditional exploration adventure game. What is commendable is that the creative team made it completely online. The cat NFT, equipment, and game currency owned by the player are unique assets on the chain, which are completely controlled by the player.

Now the game is still in its early development period, look forward to adding more gameplay to the game and allowing more people to participate.

Participate in the Star Wars Cat BSC testnet tutorial

Star Wars Cat Testnet Tutorial(BSC chain)

Complete the task to receive airdrops


Official Telegraph: https://t.me/Star_WarsCat

Discord: https://discord.gg/BssBwvVctS

White Paper: https://catplancet-finance.oss-cn-shenzhen.aliyuncs.com/Star%20Wars%20Cat.pdf

[Star Wars Cat] GameFi Metaverse — is launched on the BSC beta site, [Star Wars Cat] will airdrop up to $15,800 worth in SWCAT token rewards. Completion airdrop and testnet tasks is required.

Tutorial Step 1.

Set up BSC chain testnet in the wallet first, as follows:

Network Name: Smart Chain — Testnet

RPC URL : https://data-seed-prebsc-1-s1.binance.org:8545/

ChainID: 97

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL : https://testnet.bscscan.com

Step 2: Taps to receive test coins (need to climb the wall to receive)

Tap address: https://testnet.binance.org/faucet-smart

Step 3: DAPP

[Star Wars Cat] testnet address: http://bsc-test.catplanet.finance/#

It is recommended to cross each other a few times, to increase airdrop winner probability

Step 4: Fill out the form, which requires to follow Twitter, join the telegram, DISCORD etc

Airdrop form : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfdooEmTFuB8mgeshjAfzS49TpSF7YOlcfA8IJOtTW73_Okmw/viewform?usp=sf_link

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