After quietly settling down, “HELIUM-3” will be launched soon

After more than a year of technical precipitation and structural improvement, we finally announced today that “HELIUM-3” will be launched soon.

“HELIUM-3” is an NFT game based on the BSC public chain, a decentralized smart contract game running on the BSC public chain, which ensures absolute fairness and transparency of the game, unlike other chain games of combat and card battles in the market.

“HELIUM-3” is the world’s first blockchain game combining meta-universe, DeFi and NFT, creating the world’s first meta-universe new energy game creation. The original game ticket pass destruction and dividend mechanism enables ESG ticket pass to enter the extreme deflation mode, introducing a constant flow and cooperation for the game and prompting ESG ticket pass continues to appreciate in value, and innovative game play, incorporating prize competition, circular rewards combined with referral rewards, ticket pass dividends and other play methods, so that the interests of all players around the world complement and promote each other.

The game is based on players launching the spaceship to the moon to discover the new energy of “Helium-3”, and when global players play the game and get considerable income every day, they will spread the knowledge of the ecological energy of the earth to global players, join the “Helium-3” to launch the spaceship and go to the moon. The players around the world will have the opportunity to become heroes to save the Earth.

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