An article to understand the joy of raising ginseng people: the world’s first physical 3D game platform + mall + SDR pass in one “national treasure ginseng class” chain game

In recent years, the metaverse has become popular in the fields of technology, games, blockchain and other fields. Well-known technology giants continue to join in, and the launch of some metaverse game projects has made the metaverse wind intensified. It not only made the Metaverse more popular, but also led to the new track of the “Gamefi” animation chain tour. The freshness and wealth effect brought by GameFi has undoubtedly attracted a large number of investors and players to join the rich ranks. We also have reason to believe that GameFi has taken over DeFi and become a hot spot in the second half of 2021.

Recently, Happy Raising Ginseng Farm has entered the public’s field of vision, igniting the enthusiasm of many chain game players and national treasure ginseng lovers of the big health industry chain, and arousing great attention both inside and outside the industry. It is reported that Happy Raising Ginseng Farm is the first blockchain “National Treasure Ginseng” game built by Ningbo Ginseng Group with huge investment, a real entity 3D game platform + mall + SDR token market.


Hong Kong Shendaren International Holdings

Gandaren (China)

The brand “Candaren” was founded in 2013. The company is located in Fenghua District, Ningbo City, a beautiful eastern port. It is a beautiful and healthy tourist destination with outstanding people, strong business atmosphere, developed information and economy, and convenient transportation.

The companies under the headquarters are expanding in various fields including sharing economy new retail, healthy ginseng planting base, high-tech ginseng production and research base, Baicao Research Institute, vocational and technical education, health tourism, and investment holding, including the future O2O thousands of cities and thousands of stores. Possessing four high-tech technologies for the production of national treasure ginseng, the company produces a number of healthy products such as “ginseng substitute tea, ginseng flower, ginseng wine, and ginseng drink”, which have been recognized by the state as “new resource products”, which will bring benefits to all mankind. Here comes the good news of good health and wellness.

“Candar” is committed to the ginseng health industry, with the vision of “making Ginseng a world-leading health and advanced enterprise”, and adhering to the corporate mission of “building a healthy brand and inheriting great love, perfection and virtue”. Strive to create value for employees, partners, customers, industry, society, nature and other stakeholders, build a “social responsibility ecosystem”, realize the harmonious coexistence of enterprises, society and nature, and promote the vigorous development of China’s health industry!

Canandaren Enterprise Operation Fission Mode Organizational Structure


Happy Ginseng Farm Introduction

Happy Raising Ginseng Farm breaks the bottleneck of chain game development, increases the gameplay and entertainment of the game itself, and creates the world’s first chain game of national treasure ginseng. Its purpose is to be safe, stable and long-lasting. The purpose is to allow players to play games Learn the big health industry chain from time to time, and you can earn profits while playing games.

Happy Yangshenren Farm is a ginseng farm cultural content, high-quality blockchain ginseng farms, based on the blockchain traditional Chinese medicine ginseng farm chain tour platform, to introduce traditional big health culture and guide users to embrace blockchain With the goal of chain technology and promoting the culture of big health, with the theme of promoting inheritance and innovation, focusing on promoting the coordinated development of big health research and culture, and promoting the modernization and internationalization of big health culture. In addition, Happy Raising Ginseng Farm also integrates NFT+Game+DeFi innovative concept gameplay, which belongs to a Play-to-Earn ginseng farm chain game.

Joy Raising Ginseng Farm is a virtual and reality parallel world. It realizes the zero distance between virtual and reality. By constructing a highly synchronized and realistic virtual space, it simulates the working scene of ginseng farming, and integrates a large number of ginseng gameplay. Players experience real game fun and promote the traditional culture of great health. At the same time, according to the player’s production behavior in the game and the game’s economic ecology, a large number of NFTs and digital assets are obtained, restoring the traditional Chinese medicine economy and realizing a high degree of integration with the Play-to-Earn model.


Happy ginseng farm play

Compared with other types of chain games in the GameFi section, Happy Yangshenren Farm is the closest to the most popular QQ farm development game model. The game itself has low thresholds (funding threshold, low gameplay threshold) and the mechanism is simple and easy to understand, and It is more interested in creating a mall-like ginseng farm-themed chain tour ecology. In the Happy Raising Ginseng Farm, users mainly obtain agricultural income by planting ginseng on the land, and at the same time, they can carry out the entertainment of stealing games between players. Of course, when players first enter the game, they need to purchase the most basic resources such as farmland and seeds. These resources are also reflected in the form of NFT, and can be purchased through the in-game SDR token in the built-in trading market of Happy Ginseng Farm.

After the player builds the foundation, in the plant growth cycle, the player can also sell these harvested ginseng products through the trading market and obtain income. The overall internal logic of the game is not complicated, and the cost of purchasing some common resources is not high. In addition, in the Happy Raising Ginseng Farm, in addition to the strategy of building the farm, players can also gain the fun and experience of the game during the entire planting process, and ultimately gain benefits.

Happy Ginseng Farm not only has a variety of gameplay, but also has various reward mechanisms in the game. The game items consumed in the process of participating in the game are purchased by SDR, and they are destroyed when they are purchased. The value-added space is also increasing infinitely, allowing players to obtain actual economic benefits while having fun, and the SDR value preservation space is huge, which further protects the interests of players, and finally achieves a win-win situation for the platform and players!


As early as a few years ago, farm farming games have been confirmed by the market, and Happy Raising Ginseng Farm has further continued the basic gameplay of traditional farm farming games, and reshaped it in the form of GameFi, allowing all participants All of them can obtain a sense of game experience in the form of games and further gain profits. Happy Ginseng Farm itself has also created a more reasonable token model, which not only has deflation but also has a considerable game scene. In addition to being a farm game, Happy Ginseng Farm is more like an ideal country in the form of a metaverse. This deeper DAO model is not available in other GameFi.

Happy Yangshenren Farm is committed to creating the most comprehensive and authoritative chain game platform. At the same time, many well-known top chain game investment institutions in the industry have entered the game to deploy the economic ecology of Happy Yangshenren Farm. It is inevitable that Happy Yangshenren Farm will set off a new round of chain travel upsurge around the world. We will wait and see!

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