Analyze the meta-universe in eight dimensions, and Free of City leads to virtual reality

Metaverse, this concept has recently come out of the circle, C-bit debut, of course, the closest to Metaverse is still the C-end game; plus Facebook’s Xiaozha stated that it will transform Facebook into a meta within five years. The Universe Company, whether it is the concept of infinite reverie of Meta Universe itself, or the endorsement of various bigwigs, are so attractive and surprised !


It can be said that the linkage between the virtual and reality of the “meta universe” can be extended to various industries. If you are a construction worker, you can choose to build a house in reality or you can choose to build a house in a game. There will be a robot that synchronizes with your consciousness. What you do in the game is how it does it in reality. The manufacturing industry is the same as the high-risk industries. Only in this way can real safe production be achieved!


Regarding Metaverse, let’s take a look at what the giants say:

  • Facebook Zuckerberg: “In five years, make Facebook a meta-universe company”
  • Tencent Ma Huateng: “An exciting opportunity is coming. The ten-year development of the mobile Internet is about to usher in the next wave of upgrades, which we call the True Internet.”
  • Nvidia Huang Renxun: “I believe we are on the cusp of the meta-universe”
  • David Baszu, founder of Roblox Metaverse First Unit: “The arrival of Metaverse can be said to be a revolution in communication media at the level of telephone communications and even the Internet.”

These “big words” from big bosses are certainly not aimless. As the forefront observers of the industry and the helmsman at the helm of the giant ship, they must have seen hope from the existing technology and technology.

The meta universe is a collection of concepts in multiple dimensions, which cannot be explained by a single concept

If you ask someone, what is the meta universe?

  •  Movie lovers may say it is virtual reality, the world of science fiction;
  • Technology enthusiasts may say it is VR/AR/XR and other next-generation equipment;
  • Internet practitioners may say that it is a certain content platform in the future;
  •  Game lovers may say it is an upgraded version of Fortnite, or a new expansion piece for World of Warcraft;
  •  Crypto players may say that it is a decentralized and sustainable virtual space where your assets and identity can participate in the economic behavior of the space;

Of course, it’s the silly sentence again. There are a thousand Hamlet in a thousand people’s hearts. In a sense, the metaverse is unpredictable for people today, just like during the first generation of the Internet bubble in 2000. People can’t predict iPhone, mobile internet, TikTok, Bitcoin, NFT. Now we can only predict some features that Metaverse may have based on the current technology and industry ecology, and within a conservative boundary.

As a late-stage show on the C-side, the Free of City in the Free DAO meta-universe can be said to be a sudden emergence. When it comes to this, I have to talk about the Free DAO meta-universe.

Free DAO is a distributed shared virtual world . On this platform, users can participate and discover content, and interact with other people and entities. Users can also claim ownership of the virtual city through a blockchain-based land ledger . For planning and virtual activities in the city , the owner can decide what to publish in the city , including interactive systems ranging from static 3D scenes to games.

Generally speaking, Free DAO ‘s meta-universe has the following characteristics:

Never close, never rolled back : once born can only go forward along the time line, and three-dimensional space-time, like real, and not because anyone and anything to roll back, back in time, everything that happens is settled , Like real time and space, no one can rely on technology to go back to the past;

Infinite possibilities, infinite space : space-time fields (for the time being so called) and the real world, as can be found in the New World Columbus continue to extend the same can be like landing on Mars Musk desire, like with unlimited space continue to be discovered, whether they are 70 100 million people, or 70 billion people, Free DAO has the capacity;

More real than reality, but also with imagination : the virtual world than the real world, even more shocking, the physical world in a more tangible than the line up, under the same laws of physics, you are stronger than the real world.

Living space transfer : It will become your dominant living space, with a lot of time invested in it, and your behavior will shape your social image, social status and social influence. And keep real-time contact with the original real world, so that when new people come in, you will not be like people on two timelines.

Hidden hardware accessibility and infrastructure : infrastructure and hardware – hardware here is the real world and the universe yuan linking device – are two different things, infrastructure likely to have the most cattle and equipment , as for You don’t need to care about the network transmission protocol and web technology behind it.

Perfect economic system : the economic system to have the characteristics of secondary age, may not be the center of the bank, so Crypto, NFT, DeFi etc. is very important, of course, perhaps the perfect economic system does not exist, they may be more profitable than a programmer ?

. There may be more than one meta-universe there may be more than one meta-universe , there may be “wormholes”, just like the wormhole in “Interstellar Crossing”, you can “jump” from one meta-universe to another meta-universe .

Openness : Yuan universe ultimately not a company or an organization, but anyone agreement can be implemented. Just like gravity is naturally suitable for everyone.


The concept of “meta universe” is enthusiastically sought after. In theory, it can truly realize the value of everyone, so that everyone can enjoy the happiness of playing their talents, and at the same time maximize the use of the whole society. In the ideal state, it can even be said that it is a shortcut to quickly realize “Utopia”!



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