ANIMETA: Anime NFT in progress, trends and traditions advance in the metaverse

As a country with a thriving pop culture, Japan has contributed many classic anime IP images to the world over the last half century or so, and has established a wide cultural influence around the world. And at the moment of the rise of NFT, Japan has continued its advantages in the cultural field by virtue of the large amount of quality cultural resources it has accumulated previously, and has begun to take over the NFT field.

ANIMETA platform combines IP, works, peripherals and NFT related to the anime industry to create an open and aggregated anime NFT metaverse ecology for each anime work to realize NFT and free trade ecology. The success of NFT of anime IP images not only opens up the spread of local culture, but also provides an example for the spread of anime in the world under the context of metaverse.
ANIMETA will continue to move forward on this path.

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