ANIMETA debuted the famous anime IP “HOLYLAND” series NFT, all sold out within 24 hours!

The official news shows that the anime NFT trading platform ANIMETA has been officially launched on September 6, 19:00 Japan time, five well-known anime IP “HOLYLAND” series NFT. the shelves of the “HOLYLAND” series NFT are personally created by the well-known cartoonist Mori Tsunji teacher, each NFT is signed by the author.

It is reported that the 5 “HOLYLAND” series NFT on the shelves less than a day has been sold out; the series NFT on the shelves in the ANIMETA NFT trading market price has come to 528USDT, an increase of more than 600% compared to the launch price.

ANIMETA is an open, aggregated semi-centralized anime NFT trading platform. Within the ANIMETA platform, everyone can participate in creating, casting, and investing in NFT works, and creators can set pricing and trading methods for their works through ANIMETA in order to get a fair return on their creations.

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