Chinese name: 币响
(BX) is an extension of Bitcoin (BTC) and an extension of its financial properties. Committed to making up for the shortcomings of Bitcoin (BTC). Bixiang will support DeFi to gather reasonable wealth, cross-chain, decentralized finance, payment, DAPP, etc. through automation.

Introduction to BX:
Total: 21 million
BX (Bin Ring) is a decentralized deflationary currency based on the Huobi Eco-Chain. 30% is in the black hole. The remaining 14.7 million. Liquidity releases 500,000. Each transfer transaction will be tax deducted by 5%, 2 % Is destroyed, 3% is allocated to all holders, and the decentralization is completely self-governed by the community.
BK, TP, Huobi Wallet have been launched
, And MDEX decentralized exchange, and then on the centralized exchange.
Contract address: 0xb3e97cAC78bc3050bc2E903e1813D8bFD1Ab72B1
Telegram group: https://0.plus/joinchat/TSiWCH4Zp6lhOWQ9
Golden Finance: https://m.jinse.com/news/blockchain/1084186.html?source=m
BX official only contract address:

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