CryptoKitties founding team member Bryce Bladon received support from the NFTT Foundation The two parties jointly established the NFT laboratory


In September 2019, Bryce Bladon led part of the Dapper Labs development team and officially began to lay out the NFT laboratory. In September of the same year, the NFTT Foundation paid attention to Bryce Bladon’s movement and began contacting Bryce Bladon.

In October 2019, Bryce Bladon and the NFTT laboratory reached a consensus and the two parties jointly established the NFT laboratory. NFT Lab draws on the problem of centralization of decision-making by centralized organizations such as Microsoft, and adopts the mechanism of DAO co-governance. It was initiated by Bryce Bladon with the participation of global developers and democratic decision-making.

In the direction of development, NFT Lab will use Bryce Bladon’s proposal to establish a higher-level protocol (that is, the industry’s layer 2 protocol) to achieve world-scale to continue the development of the scalability system, and add to the original foundation In response to technical requirements such as cross-chain and NFT, the NFT future ecological scenario application was expanded on the basis of improving performance.

At the same time, NFT Lab has also been favored by many capitals from Wall Street, including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Bear Stearns and other international first-line capitals, as well as representatives of the Internet such as Facebook and Amazon. The enterprise reached a consensus on the cooperation intention.


In the process of digitalization, the upsurge of NFT has accelerated to a certain extent the process of digital economy from technological concept to actual project landing. At the same time, NFT is a good form of carrying physical assets on the chain, which enables physical assets such as artworks and intellectual property to be well mapped in the digital world.

The financial chain of assets is to map the physical assets of the physical world and the assets generated in the digital world to the blockchain to generate related digital certificates. This is not difficult for standardized products. Before the emergence of NFT, non-standardized products, such as digital collectibles, subscription rights, intellectual property and other physical assets in the real world, after the completion of the “chain” process, the digital vouchers corresponding to the assets can correspond to different physical assets. The model is a breakthrough.

At the same time, NFT can be regarded as a transitional transformation of assets on the chain. In the next three years, as the underlying technology of the blockchain gradually matures, more and more assets will appear and circulate in the blockchain network. In this process, NFT assets play an important role: Under the wave of digital transformation, NFT not only provides an important example, but is more likely to become a driving force of the digital economy.

The purpose of establishing the NFT laboratory this time is to explore the value maximization of industrial empowerment from the latest trend, explore the coexistence relationship between humans and computers from the perspective of art, and use blockchain technology to empower traditional art creation rules, pay attention and research Industry trends drive the development of the industry.

With the acceleration of the digital development process, NFT as a digital asset bridge, the evolution has just begun. We believe that the NFT laboratory will go out of its own future in the field of NFT technology research and development, and we can look forward to his development together!

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