DAO—global conference on ecological development of mining machinery was held online, and elites from all over the world flocked there.

Fortune argues in its column that bitcoin mining requires extraordinary computing power because of its“Ledger”– The block chain technology used to record bitcoin transactions, is maintained by a consensus mechanism called“Proof-of-work system”.


An IBM software engineer posted on Twitter that the reason bitcoin mining uses so much power was “Deliberately designed by [ Satoshi Nakamoto ]”.  which is by consuming a large amount of power, so that the cost of the attacker is higher than the proceeds of the attack, thus achieving the goal of ensuring the security of the entire system.


Under the death spiral of proof-of-work system and energy consumption, the development of block chain has been pushed to the forefront of public opinion. To solve this issue, The DAO has launched an online conference on the ecological development of mining machinery, which aims to bring the global consensus together to participate in the discussion.


At the meeting, the DAO representative came up with a completely new idea — Mining machines and computer servers emit a lot of heat during operation. The DAO developed an energy recovery system that can be recycled by storing the heat generated by the mining machine through a closed energy cycle ecological environment, and then transported to the place where it is needed,such as heating for cold areas, cooling for hot areas.  Thus achieving the goal of reducing global carbon emissions.


This view was shared by all the attendees, and many generous investors wanted to join the DAO to realize this ideal. Once the remaining heat of mining machine operation can be used, the mining machines around the world will be given a new lease of life.


The conference achieved a complete success, which has been recognized by the elites of all walks of life and opened up a new route for the development of mining machine energy. After the meeting, more aspirants joined The DAD and expressed their willingness to contribute their own strength to The DAD.

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