Digital Pet Universe and the Right Way to Play the Blockchain Game Crypto Kitties 3D

2021 can be said to be the stage of the outbreak of NFT concentration, where a variety of stars, NBA stars and so on have launched their own NFT works which are popular among many investors in the industry. NFT is a non-fungible token, a kind of cryptocurrency token, represents the uniqueness of digital assets. A tweet, a picture, a piece of music, a video clip, or a certificate can all be converted into NFT for collection or transaction.

The NFT sector is hot, and one of the directions is the NFT game. The innovation of the market always keeps pace with time, and Crypto Kitties 3D mainly focuses on crypto kitties, connecting NFT and blockchain games boldly to create a platform that integrates NFT games and decentralized revenue farming applications. Players can not only entertain themselves but also generate a lot of profits when they use Crypto Kitties 3D.

Crypto Kitties 3D is an ecological system that combines games and digital collectibles to transform it into a digital biological world. Players can use their pets to fight, collect, grow up and make money by using Crypto Kitties 3D. Crypto Kitties 3D game is an RPG (role play game) that is developed on the Binance Smart Chain platform to earn NFT.

How to play the creative Crypto Kitties 3D?

The contracts of Crypto Kitties 3D are deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. Players need to have a nominal amount of BNB (Binance Coin) cryptocurrencies to pay for transactions. They need a wallet (such as Metamask) to store BNB cryptocurrencies or KITT tokens and need to set up their Metamask wallets to the Binance Smart Chain network.

When the wallet is set up to the Binance Smart Chain network, the player can exchange KITT and use it to buy at least one crypto kitty or pet box on the market. Please remember to put some BNBs in your wallet as a service charge. Then you can choose one crypto kitty to fight and another one as the opponent. After doing this, you need to confirm your trade and wait for the results of the automatic battle. If you win, you will get a prize, otherwise, you will lose ten health.

The pet box that players can buy at the props market is the “Genesis Blind Box”, while the pet box used to breed crypto kitties is called the “Elemental Blind Box”. The crypto kitty has five different character attributes of water, fire, ice, electricity, and earth. Meanwhile, it also has five fighting attributes of “health” “attack” “defense” and “speed” and “strength”. When health comes to zero, the battle failed, or at the end of the round, players with low blood volumes failed. And each battle is directly calculated by the chain.

Pet boxes in the store, as well as crypto kitties bred by players, are divided into five levels. The upper limits of attributes for each level of pet box are different: normal, advanced, rare, legendary, and epic. The sum of all the attributes of the crypto kitties (health, attack, defense, speed and strength) is a composite score, and the pet box hatched by the kitty with an average score higher than the corresponding level will be on a similar level to its own, but there will be a difference in shape.

The Crypto Kitties also has a breeding mode, a male kitty and a female kitty at the same level can breed a pet box. Two crypto kitties with the same level have a certain chance of producing pet boxes that are one level higher than their own. If breeding fails, only a first-level pet box will be produced. Only crypto kitties with the same ownership and freedom can reproduce.

Some products are available to choose and equip when playing the Crypto Kitties 3D, letting your crypto kitties develop more power in battle. You will be rewarded after hatching the crypto kitties through the NFT farm. Players at NFT farm place crypto kitties on the battlefield to fight and distribute awards based on the honors they receive.

KITT token serves as a core resource in the worldview of Crypto Kitties 3D games and allows players involved in the game to achieve real benefits. It will launch its own token based on the Binance Smart Chain to buy NFT blind boxes and props, hatch more advanced pets, trade NFT, give out benefits and so on.

Crypto Kitties 3D can maximize the charm of this game, not only letting players who experience the game play cheerfully, but also letting the players involved in the game obtain real benefits. It is expected that Crypto Kitties 3D will recently set off a whole new wave in the NFT game circle!

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