Dimenco and Digital Fund reached a consensus on the value of Meta Universe and NFT

In recent years, 5G technology, large-scale search engine technology, algorithms, and computing power have gradually improved, and basic technologies such as VR, AR, and mobile Internet have also continued to mature, and they have been developed and applied in various industries. Now, ‘Meta Universe’ has become an exciting point in the frontier of science and technology, allowing many companies to devote themselves to Meta Universe.

Some people say that “meta universe is the form of the next generation Internet.” The Internet industry was still a technology industry more than ten years ago. Through continuous development, technology has gradually changed all aspects of people’s lives, making everyone’s lives more convenient. Today’s’meta universe’ may be all-encompassing, changing the concept of science and technology in the future.

Meta universe is a virtual digital world parallel to the physical world. Through the new generation of hardware devices of VR and AR, users can log into the meta universe world, establish their own digital image in the meta universe world, and be immersed in the digital world. Production and living. And games, VR, blockchain, and edge computing may all be the entrance to the meta-universe.

It is impossible for any single enterprise to create a meta universe. Only when everyone participates in and empowers the meta universe together can it be possible to truly realize the meta universe world in the future.

As early as 2010, Dimenco has already begun to deploy naked-eye 3D. Dimenco originated from Royal Philips Electronics and has been leading the stereo vision market since 2010. Focusing on the research of naked-eye 3D overall solutions, it is currently the world’s only technical engineering supporter authorized by Philips’ naked-eye 3D technology. It has the world’s most advanced naked-eye 3D technology and solutions. All-round technological leadership and industry influence realized by the system.

Dimenco communicated with Singapore Digital Fund Digital Fund, hoping that by improving the circulation of virtual assets, it can exist in a decentralized and independent manner, and ensure that the rules are fair and transparent through open source code. And Dimenco is also very aware of the future market of Meta Universe. The two parties have two super IP values, Meta Universe and NFT, which are the extremes of the two most optimistic values ​​currently-highly correlated with the real world, or extremely weakly correlated with the real world (extreme scarcity) The goal is to create the world’s first meta-universe naked eye 3D game state through new technological breakthroughs, outstanding user experience design and open source creation methods.

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