DRT Games metaverse game aggregation platform To build a new world

The year 2021 can be called the first year of the “metaverse”. The “metaverse” is more explosive than expected, behind which is the “clustering effect” of related “metaverse” elements, similar to what the Internet experienced in 1995. The metaverse formed by the connection of virtual worlds has been considered by the investment community as grand and promising. In addition, the “metaverse” provides a new path for human society to achieve the ultimate digital transformation, and intersects with the “post-human society” in all aspects, revealing a new era with the same historical significance as the age of the great seafaring, industrial revolution, and space age.


The concept of “metaverse” was first introduced by American science fiction writer Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash. According to the novel, people in the future communicate with each other in an immersive digital world in the form of virtual avatars.

To put it simply, it means that everyone and everything in the real world is digitally projected into this cloud world, and you can do anything you can do in the real world in this world. For example, eating and shopping with family and friends, socializing with virtual Facebook, shopping on the virtual Amazon store, etc. At the same time, you may also do things you cannot do in the real world, such as teleporting to the Alps for skiing, buying tickets to a virtual concert with friends thousands of miles away iPhone13 VR。


For a long time, the metaverse was only in the conceptual stage. Since this year, with the listing of Roblox, the concept of metaverse has been brought into the public. For example, on March 11, Roblox, the first listed company of metaverse, landed on the New York Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of over 40 billion U.S. dollars on the first day of listing. On September 13, Apple released the iPhone 13 VR.

At the current stage, the development of metaverse is still in the early stage of social and game-focused development. DRT Games is a blockchain game development company established in 2019. DRT Games game studio was jointly founded by Lee Ji-hoon, a core member of the former top Korean game studio Lodumani, and DRT Labs.

The concept of the DRT Games is “Fun first”. Instead of using simple games to prove the usability of blockchain, it uses blockchain as the underlying layer to build top games for the audience of traditional game players. Players on the DRT Games platform can not only play great games, but also have full control of their game assets through the blockchain (using NFT to present game assets such as characters and props), and at the same time, can earn with their game skills in GameFi.

DRT Games has the dual identity of a game developer and a game aggregation platform/game store. In addition to the games developed by the DRT Games game studio, DRT Games will also attract other game developers to launch their games on the platform. DRT Games will later generate standardized encryption kits, NFT libraries, and wallets so that other game developers can integrate them into their games and enter the DRT Games ecosystem.

In the future, DRT Games will create a metaverse earth, and will jointly develop the metaverse ecology with multiple game developers in various countries. A variety of game genres will be introduced into DRT metaverse earth, including MOBA, simulation games, RPG, tower defense, strategy, etc., click on each country on the DRT metaverse earth, there will be a corresponding ecology, and eventually, create a new earth managed on the blockchain.


Metaverse can bring a high degree of integration between the virtual world and the real world, which can further improve social operation efficiency. DRT is expected to profoundly change the interaction mode of human industries. DRT metaverse constructs a “Trinity” metaverse super ecology from the three dimensions of NFT, GameFi platform, and digital asset trading platform, breaking the boundary between virtual and reality to build a new world.

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