EGG DAO has reached a strategic cooperation with the Metaverse NFT project Eagle Game to enter the GameFi 2.0 world

According to official news, the unique guild-based financial DAO organization has officially reached a strategic cooperation with the decentralized metaverse NFT project Eagle Game, enabling the EGG token model to enable on-chain governance and DAO autonomous member rewards. Eagle Game is the first GameFi 2.0 meta-universe project. You can participate in mining every day by extracting eagle and chick NFTs through blind boxes. Through the DAO mechanism, anyone can become the owner of Eagle Game, and you can get corresponding token rewards according to your contribution. .
EGG DAO is a guild-based financial DAO organization jointly initiated by the global encryption community and Gamefi Association. It completes creation, donation and project launch on Meblox, a one-stop DAO launch platform. It aims to create a fair, open and transparent metaverse world through DAO, provide high-quality investment targets for the crypto community and Gamefi guild players and maximize the interests of users’ assets.

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