EGGDAO, the eco-token that organizes EGG, is about to open for trade in Pancake

EGG is the ecological token of the organization of the EGG DAO by the unionized financial DAO. The developer community will add liquidity to EGG DAO on April 15 and open trading from PancakeSwap at 20:00 (UTC+8). EGG DAO is a guild-based financial DAO organization jointly initiated by the global crypto community and Gamefi. The creation, donation and project launch of EGG DAO are completed on Meblox, a one-stop DAO launch platform. All 2 million MEB donated by the community will be injected into EGG liquidity. EGG DAO is completely based on the concept and basic requirements of DAO, and conforms to the characteristics of protocol layer consensus, middleware service and application layer decision making. It aims to create a fair, open and transparent meta-universe world through DAO, provide high-quality investment targets for the crypto community and Gamefi guild players, and maximize the interests of users’ assets.
EGG DAO launched the 100 million EGG community airdrop award campaign on April 4, and currently more than 20,000 people have participated in the campaign. Details on EGG’s unique contract address can be found at

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