Elephant DAX animal protection ecological application token continues to receive attention

With the rapid development of human beings, rubber forests and tea gardens have emerged one after another. There is no living space for them outside the reserve, and the environment suitable for the survival of Asian elephants in the reserve is also divided. In fact, the overall area is large and all are not connected. At present, in order to completely solve the ecological environment problem of Asian elephants from south to north, we must solve the contradiction between Asian elephant protection and local economic development, establish an ecological corridor and give Asian elephants a more comfortable habitat.This event has attracted the attention of animal protection fund associations around the world, and the American Society for the protection of animals (ASPAC) and the international foundation for endangered animals and nature rescue (ianf) will first carry out work and establish an ecological protection system for characteristic animals.DAX (elephant) is an ecological protection token issued for Asian elephants. Because of the elephant group event, ASPAC \ ianf also continues to pay attention to the living environment of other animals. Therefore, DAX will be applied to animal ecological environment protection and management in the future.

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