Encrypted Habitat, Digital Twins| NFT-BluSea Forum Ends Successfully

Crypto Habitat, Digital Twins! On October 20, 2021, the Crypto Habitat, Digital Twins, NFT-BluSea Forum and BluSea Grand Ecology Strategy Asia Pacific Conference hosted by BluSea was successfully held in Hangzhou, China. The conference invited many heavyweight guests and received support from 100 communities. The guests discussed and analyzed the future development direction of NFT and meta-universe, their competitive advantages, and how to link the real world and digital digital economy to deliver value. The future significance of decentralized NFT trading platform to the development of metaverse was discussed and the conference was a complete success.

The NFT-BluSea forum mainly focused on the development of the grand ecology of metaverse NFT, the strategic planning of de-Chinese heart NFT exchange, the grand ecological strategy of BluSea and other major key contents were elaborated and exchanged. The forum was positively received, the atmosphere was solemn and warm, the applause was thunderous, the participants frequently interacted with each other, and all matters of the meeting progressed orderly and smoothly.

He said, “Since the birth of mankind, I believe that resonance represents the supreme growth direction of the world development, representing the most cutting-edge, the most vital growth response, technological progress needs resonance, social growth needs resonance, civilization progress needs resonance, and the reason why resonance is resonance is that it is never shifted by The reason why resonance is resonance is that it is never based on individual will. Blockchain and metaverse may become the next big change direction of industry and Internet. The existing representative NFT projects of domestic big manufacturers only have collection value, no practical application value, no circulation, that is, no financial properties, and no long-term investment and participation value. Therefore, a decentralized NFT trading platform like BluSea Macau Digital Asset Exchange is of vital importance.

Afterwards, David Ho, Director of GT Group Singapore, and TiTi, Director of SBI Holdings Group Asia Pacific, gave important speeches. The interest and concern of both capital markets and entrepreneurs in the “metaverse” has increased dramatically since Roblox went public in 2021. Zuckerberg even announced directly in a media interview that Facebook would become a “meta-universe company” within five years. Today, when the mobile Internet user dividend has peaked, the emergence of the “meta-universe” concept has shown people the “dawn of the next generation Internet”. 

JAMES HAN, representative of BluSea Asia Pacific, analyzed the historical inevitability of the BluSea Macau Digital Asset Exchange, a next-generation metaverse asset trading platform, legally licensed by the Australian government, which integrates asset digitization, NFT trading with metaverse, decentralized finance and derivatives trading. It provides professional, secure and efficient digital asset trading services to users from all over the world. BluSea is benchmarked against OpenSea and built specifically for the Asian market, providing specialized categories for the unique Asian art, customizing the front-end interface to meet Asian users’ usage habits, and establishing Asia-Pacific community nodes in a distributed manner to create an independent market environment. BluSea uses decentralized governance, AI empowerment, and multiple trading targets for digital art, games, physical assets, and data assets. Unlike traditional NFT trading platforms, BluSea is able to digitize assets and empower real businesses, bringing more valuable trading targets to BluSea and importing business users to bring more traffic. 

The conference culminated in the BluSea Grand Ecology Strategy Asia Pacific launch ceremony, heralding the arrival of the next metaverse era.

Opportunities and challenges for the development of NFT and metaverse market in the era of digital economy. Many experts have made 2021 the meta-year of NFT and meta-universe. As this meta-year enters its last quarter, BluSea Macau Digital Asset Exchange presents both opportunities and challenges for users in the future development of meta-universe. 

The forum was held successfully, which showed the development plan and layout of BluSea Blue Ocean Exchange to the fullest, which also foretells that 2021 will be a year of rapid development of BluSea Blue Ocean Exchange. The BluSea Exchange will become the legend of tomorrow, and you and I will experience, witness and cast a career that will change human civilization. Fight for the future.

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