FYB (FYB) may become a model of a new generation of community currency

In just one month, FIYB (FYB) has become the most popular project in the NFT field. As a ground-based project, FYB has a solid number of fans, and FYB is going online The platform spreads his influence and is committed to gathering people with lofty ideals around the world to build a FYB ecosystem together.

FYB is a two-way income economic ecology formed around DeFi+NFT. It has the functions of issuing NFT auctions, NFT games, NFT payment transactions, and has DEFI financial attributes, creating a cross-chain NFT+DeFi protocol and infrastructure, as an open NFT In the ecosystem, anyone can create NFT, initiate NFT mining, auctions and transactions.

FYB is built on the TRX TRON public chain, and 16800 pieces are issued in a constant amount. Each transaction transfer will consume 5%, 3% will be destroyed, and 2% will enter the foundation until 8888 are stopped.

According to the FYB community, the first Feiya community currency will be launched on December 1 this year. In the future, platform currency mining, lending, NFT, FYB Swap (decentralized exchange) and other sectors will be launched successively.

FYB is a project initiated by the global community. The biggest highlight of FYB is the firm consensus of the community. Most of the initial community members are pushed from the ground, which has laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of FYB. Many things have proved that only a strong community consensus is the main reason to promote the long-term operation of the project. FYB emerged in the community, and the development results will also be returned to the community.

FYB belongs to every member of the community and connects members of the global community through FYB’s strong inclusiveness. The Feiya community encourages every member to share, develop and manage FYB.

At the beginning of the FYB ecological explosion, we also hope that anyone can seize this opportunity. We welcome everyone to build community and NFT work around FYB. The emergence of FYB has important historical significance. He represents Following the development trend of a new generation of community currency, it is worthy of everyone’s participation.

As the Feiya community continues to grow, the consensus of FYB will surely be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This is a long-term, safe, reliable and exciting business! This is a community that works hard and is good at sharing. The Feiya community is bound to be able to brew the most powerful FYB ecosystem. As the only token asset in the FYB ecosystem at present, after consensus precipitation and the emergence of application scenarios, the value will be Get constantly highlighted!

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