“HOLYLAND” series NFT floor price increased by more than 700%

According to ANIMETA NFT market data, the current floor price of “HOLYLAND” series NFT is 620 USDT, an increase of more than 700% compared to the launch price of 80 USDT. It is reported that “HOLYLAND” is a comic book IP created by well-known cartoonist Tsuneo Mori, a total of five NFT series, all created by Tsuneo Mori himself.

At present, “HOLYLAND” NFT has been officially circulated in ANIMETA NFT market, which is an aggregated NFT trading platform focusing on Japanese anime style, providing NFT casting, trading, auction, uploading and other functions, supporting ETH, BSC, Polygon and Luniverse public chains. In the future, ANIMETA will sign more popular anime IPs and build a unique anime metaverse ecology with the advantage of its own platform for anime creators.

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