How did Swarm/Nbzz get a high level of consensus among miners?

With the rapid growth of the Ethernet network, the emergence of a large number of DApps has created a huge demand for storage. Therefore, providing a satisfactory distributed storage service for Ether is undoubtedly the main battleground of every blockchain storage team’s research.Swarm is one project that was born for this purpose, as a peer-to-peer network node system that creates a decentralized storage and communication service, created by members of the original founding team of Ether, and has received a lot of attention worldwide.


Even though Swarm does not have a complete economic incentive model yet, the technical value behind it, i.e. distributed storage technology, will surely leave a strong mark on the entire digital crypto space. But on the other hand, blockchain projects are all open source applications by nature, so for their long-term development, they must need excellent business interest drivers, i.e. a sound economic incentive model to motivate all users to participate in the operation and maintenance of the whole project. Based on this background, Swarm/Nbzz came into being.

Swarm/Nbzz is a new communication protocol plug-in solution developed by Leet Squad, the official technical team of Swarm, to improve and solve the incentive problem of Bzz nodes and help the Swarm network to grow properly.

Swarm/Nbzz is an extension plugin project that fully follows the Swarm API specification. On the technical iteration of Swarm, NBZZ introduces a more reasonable mining mechanism and economic model. In terms of token allocation, there is completely zero private placement, 98% of the tokens are generated through mining, and the whole economic model is very fair and just and very transparent.


Swarm/Nbzz implements two features: adds online hours rewards to the Swarm network in addition to service provisioning rewards, increasing the equity of Swarm nodes and helping the Swarm network grow in a healthy way; adds a new distributed computing cluster network interface belonging to the Swarm/Nbzz plugin, allowing applications to invoke more performance from Swarm nodes within the specification. Optimizes the computing resources of the Swarm network, increases the penetration of the Swarm network in web3.0, and makes the Swarm network the most comprehensive distributed computing infrastructure network in terms of coverage.

NBZZ, a new communication protocol plug-in solution based on the Swarm network, has optimized all aspects of Swarm’s economic mechanism and incentive model, and has gained the consensus of many node participants and miners without any official momentum or publicity. In summary, there are no more than the following reasons.

1. Based on Swarm, but better than Swarm

At the technical level, Swarm/Nbzz follows the decentralized thinking of Swarm and economically adopts a new pass model that truly starts from user needs, with most of the official pass NBZZ attributed to node participants and volatility smoothed by the market. nbzz improves the previous unreasonable incentive mechanism and truly realizes contribution is gain, which greatly enhances the motivation of participants.

2. Online hours bonus

Online node rewards are one of the key missions of the Swarm/Nbzz plugin born and the main feature introduced by the Swarm/Nbzz plugin, which maintains more node revenue for the Swarm network, allows Swarm network nodes to provide services online for a long time, allows miners to participate more actively in the network infrastructure building activities, and protects the token value more.


3. Light nodes, no burden

Nbzz has low node construction and participation development requirements, does not take up space, memory or CPU, does not affect mechanical performance, does not affect other currency mining configurations, does not require overlapping costs during the construction phase, and all nodes can be seamlessly linked and share storage and application ecologies with the main Swarm network, enabling a compatible relationship with the main network.

4. Zero pre-digging, zero private placements

NBZZ uses a zero pre-mining, zero pre-deposit incentive mechanism that can fundamentally reduce the risk of tokens being controlled, and uses DAO autonomous community management to realize token value and rewards.

5. Safer and more confidential

Swarm/Nbzz provides a more comprehensive, secure and confidential solution for data distribution, greatly improving the availability and validity of data in the network, and its use of distributed storage for all data makes it more secure and authentic, putting the participants’ data in their own hands.

The current distributed storage track, all kinds of projects can be said to be blossoming. filecoin wind is strong, now has gradually removed the flashy; Swarm relies on the real demand, go solid but also a long way to go, I believe that in the near future, Swarm/Nbzz will certainly bring a new round of distributed storage technology revolution.

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