How X Parallel Space brings higher benefits to users?

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X Parallel Space

So how does X Parallel Space provide benefits to users? What are the plans for the future?

Lossless mining (no leverage):
Users can mine in the lossless mining pool by exchanging synthetic assets xHT , x USDT , x HBTC , x ETH , and the generated XPS will be automatically distributed to the miners.

Liquidity mining (coming soon)
users can exchange synthetic assets x HT , x USDT , x HBTC , x ETH to use leverage in the lossless mining pool to get up to 10 times the XPS reward.

About X Parallel Space X Parallel Space is an over-lending protocol based on the BSC chain released by X Parallel Space Lab , which supports users to participate in liquidity mining through over-lending and leverage to obtain greater benefits, for those who want to participate in the flow of DeFi projects Sexual mining, and suffers from providing solutions for users with insufficient funds, and at the same time provides a lending pool for users who prefer stable income to earn interest income.

X Parallel Space will work on the following work:
Open liquidity mining and Dao governance
to create a sustainable user profit model.
Mitigate gratuitous losses for liquidity providers.
Create a strong community of DeFi enthusiasts and promote the ecological development of X Parallel Space

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