Leading the wealth outlet and shaping global consensus,Zeed invites you to join the world of DeFi

In 2021, DeFi and NFT are undoubtedly the brightest stars in the cryptocurrency industry. Previously, the DeFi1.0 application area was only a tiny test of decentralized finance in the cryptocurrency field. With the participation of numerous major companies and exchange platforms, DeFi1.0 will soon come to an end, and the emergence of high-quality DeFi projects like Zeed heralds the beginning of DeFi2.0, marking the arrival of the next wave of wealth.


Zeed come with wealth

Zeed is a decentralized blockchain infrastructure built on the blockchain 3.0 architecture. It is a worldwide community-built autonomous decentralized financial integrated ecosystem. Zeed is based on blockchain technology, which is transparent, traceable, and immutable. Zeed achieves commercial system decentralization with smart contracts, open source code, and accessible without human control. Decentralization’s benefits will enable assets to be raised and exchanged more easily and efficiently, increasing profits. Users will be able to conduct NFT transactions, link to DeFi apps, engage in staboin transactions, participate in liquidity mining, and also in a secure environment inside the Zeed ecosystem. Zeed has created a series of mechanisms and applications that allow users to earn their own assets while engaged in a decentralized environment. The wealth of the Zeed community develops in tandem with Zeed’s consensus.


Great foresight and redefine digital finance

Zeed is committed to building a new generation of global enterprise-level decentralized financial infrastructure, delivering entire decentralized financial solutions to companies and customers. Zeed will build a DeFi+DAO+NFT+CrossChain financial service ecosystem that integrates decentralized wallet, transaction, lending, oracle machine, asset management, and other functions, based on DAO’s community governance, outstanding financial ideology, and fair and secure distributed ledger and blockchain technology.

With its innovative technology and forward-thinking concept, Zeed quickly gotten significant interest of worldwide cryptography enthusiasts, and it has now evolved into one of the most promising decentralized financial projects in the world. Zeed will continue to construct real products from the perspective of users, increase user benefits, actively link ETH, BTC, DOT, and other decentralized ecosystems in a honest fashion, realize value maximization, and redefine the landscape of digital finance in the future.


Top team, outstanding project

Unlike other decentralized projects, Zeed’s core technical team members are all from overseas, with extensive expertise in management, blockchain, finance, and other fields. The creation of Zeed is the result of their continuous research and development in their respective professions. If craftsmanship is one of the most valuable assets in our era, the Zeed team exhibits it, but instead of keeping it for themselves, they’re utilizing it to give back to the crypto community by establishing a decentralized financial system for all users.

Zeed is still in the early stages, but it has already demonstrated the potential of a top-tier decentralized project. If DeFi is the future wealth’s blue ocean, Zeed is without a doubt the blue ocean’s giant ship. Zeed’s potential can be expanded beyond DeFi due to its diverse ecosystem and cross-chain mechanisms. Zeed will undoubtedly have a future in NFT, GameFi, DAO, and other fields. Zeed’s ecological value will be enormous at that stage. As a result, the earlier you join the Zeed ecosystem, the more likely you are to succeed in the future.

Zeed will continue to improve cross-chain bridge, stablecoin, pledge lending, aggregate financial management, turnover velocity, and other capabilities in the future, which will greatly broaden the path for ordinary investors to participate in DeFi, reduce the cost of DeFi participation, and encourage more users to join the DeFi.

We also expect more people to join in Zeed ecology, enjoy the convenience and flexibility that Zeed provides, as well as the benefits of digital ecology’s diversified growth, and witness the growth of Zeed together.

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