MARIO BATTLE, the world’s first community-based autonomous chain game, will be officially launched on June 6

According to the official news, Giant Beast Legion and Nintendo Super IP “Super Mario” developed the world’s first aggregated community autonomy chain game – MARIO BATTLE, will be released on June 6, the official website officially launched and open DAONFT whitelist. MARIO BATTLE is the world’s first community-based autonomous chain game developed in collaboration with Nintendo Super IP “Super Mario” – MARIO BATTLE will be officially launched on the official website and DAONFT white list purchase program on June 6th. In MARIO BATTLE, all players can experience game play such as level breaking, nurturing, trading, etc., and can also transform the acquired NFT props into real assets, thus realizing the game ecology of “Play To Earn”.

All the values of MARIO BATTLE will be created, controlled, owned and distributed by users, giving all players a free, fair, transparent, decentralized, high-value, low-threshold virtual digital network of the future. For more details about MARIO BATTLE, please follow MARIO BATTLE official telegram group and official Twitter.

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