Meta-Universe Eco-Aggregator – YH comes out of the ring strong

In the past 2021, booms such as Metaverse, NFT, GameFi and DeFi have expanded the application scenarios of DAO to various fields and spawned a variety of vertical segments, followed by the emergence of various DAOs across the board, such as the establishment of Constitution DAO, the emergence of Assange DAO and the financing of Prime DAO. DAOs are currently showing diversified development.


YH(Galaxy) is a meta-universe ecological aggregator with a rich variety of categories, combining DeFi, NFT, GameFi and DAO, and the circulating pass is the eponymous token YH, issued in the BSC chain. and decision-making. YH is also a number of application-based pass, with a powerful deflation mechanism, destruction mechanism and a wide range of landing ecology, HY focus is to create HYSwap decentralised financial ecology by launching DAO alliance, which includes: community autonomy activities, voting, worldwide community group purchase, meta-universe game, NFT, etc. YH has a rich ecology, with community consensus as the basis, with YH-DAO, common decision-making. The philosophy of the founders of YH is to serve the community and to maximize the rewards for everyone who participates in the consensus of YH.

The goal of HY is to democratically build a large ecology, i.e. to build a strong community and consensus first, to build the HY ecology together and to meet the needs of shareholders in the HY ecology. In addition HY is completely autonomous by the community, with transactions traceable on the chain, fair, just and open. Everyone builds the bottom, everyone is a shareholder, the community is autonomous, the ecology is co-creative and open to all.

As a decentralised facilitator, HY will contribute to the creation of a better world with the help of blockchain technology. Its core advantages include.

1. Contracts are open source, discard permissions, cannot be changed and never incremented.

2, bottom pool locking, transaction destruction, extreme scarcity, price can only rise.

3, community autonomy, with governance without bankers.

4, rich ecology, large space for application scenarios.

5, YH’s ecological layout can be automatically expanded and extended, and everyone can help.

6. Deflationary mechanism to ensure that tokens are increasingly valuable.

7、Everyone can add to the pool to gain revenue, everyone is a dealer.

The future of HY will gradually form a more complete organizational form and can effectively operate, in which the DAO organization in operation can continue to empower HY, promote governance token appreciation, stimulate interaction between members while attracting more people to join the DAO, forming a positive feedback loop. HY hopes to allow more people to participate in the DAO governance with lower thresholds, becoming a mass-level entrance to the DeFi world.

Participation means building the bottom, trading means building the bottom, everyone builds the bottom, everyone is a banker, everyone is a builder and contributor. Truly creating a 7f6301ed8b76d94574a474c7a5152d18 trillion dollar metaverse ecological platform for Defi to build, build, benefit and live together, HY is bound to become the pinnacle benchmark for metaverse applications!


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