META X DAO Endows Everyone With Equal Opportunities in a Fairer Decentralization World

The kingdom has gone through rises and declines. The ancient religion, which is unknown today, emerged and disappeared in the end. The nation conquered others again after conquest and collapse. All history requires large-scale coordinated efforts and people have tried their best to make use of different mechanisms to attract human beings to cooperate for the common interest. Meanwhile, the smart people, such as Hobbes, Locke and Machiavelli, Hammurabi, Jefferson, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, have made efforts in this respect.

Most wars were caused by problems relative to coordination, from ideological differences to poor communication. In the recorded human history, we have been trying to solve this problem. Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is the greatest governance and coordination experiment that has gained real community traction for centuries. It may also be the greatest form that can deal with the trust problem between people.

DAO is the abbreviation of three English words, that is, decentralized, autonomous and organization. Literally, the word “decentralized” refers to the decentralization of rule making and implementation, and “autonomy” refers to the rules completely determined by the community. It is an organizational form derived from the core idea of blockchain (A collaborative behavior of co-creation, co-construction, co-governance and sharing spontaneously generated by groups that have reached a common consensus. It is a subsidiary product of the blockchain after it has solved the problem of trust between people.

As a concrete manifestation of the new concept and new technology of the blockchain, DAI is the inevitable form of the future community. META X DAO came into being in such an context.

Launched in 2019 and based on the DAO, META X DAO takes developping DeFi products in a decentralized organization mode as its aim. There will be no control or pre-mining assets in META X DAO, therefore, everything is fair and equitable.

META X DAO has been establishing a structure of detrust and delicensing, which allows anyone in the world to join the organization they believe, give full play to their talents and earn fortune. META X DAO is not affected by age, gender, race, ethnic background, economic status, nationality, place of residence, or any other demographic identifier that may prevent someone from working and making money.

Geographical boundaries no longer exist. People from five continents can freely participate in META X DAO. You will be paid without worrying about work permits or visas. If you want to share your unique views with others, you will also be welcome, or you can keep your time zone anonymous. No one has to know what you don’t want them to know.

The key to META X DAO is the chain protocol operating on decentralization, which achieves autonomy through smart contracts. It is essentially an application or a program running on a publicly accessible blockchain. As soon as relevant conditions are met, a command can be triggered with just one key without manual intervention to realize machine trust. It endows the contract with the power, and the control of the contract is carried out in the form of community collective voting rather than institutions or individuals.

META X DAO has provided a set of standard rules for all problems, so that everyone can solve their problems under the same conditions. As a participant and a decision-maker at the same time, everyone can participate in the mining of DAO voting pool of community autonomy, get dividends, and experience the dual fun of management and dividends.

The development concept of META X DAO is decentralization. It eliminates the reliance on central operators and ensure equitable access to public infrastructure for all. Its products and governance do not require licensing and decentralization. It rejects all centralized monopolistic behaviors caused by basic intervention. What META X DAO wants to build is a flexible organic community self-governed and co-built by all participants.

In the future, organizations across the world will exist in the form of decentralization. The emergence of META X DAO leads people to choose organizational collaboration more freely and autonomously. It can also maximize the effectiveness and value flow of the organizations. By achieving the above results, it may promote human creativity and creation to achieve higher efficiency, so as to form a new business transformation.

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