Metaverse Foundation Invests in DataBase Lab, Opens Global Recruitment Program!

Recently, according to the media reports, DataBase Lab, led by the Canadian Metaverse Foundation, was officially established. It is reported that DataBase Lab is an investment and research institution dedicated to the field of metaverse, which includes metaverse data research and ecological development. At the same time, DataBase Lab openly recruits metaverse enthusiasts from all over the world, calling on everyone to build metaverse together and accelerate its advancement.

Meta-universe is a kind of virtual world that uses information technology, such as VR/AR (augmented reality/virtual reality), NFT (non-homogenized tokens), AI (artificial intelligence), etc. to build a virtual world parallel to the real world. DataBase Labs is very optimistic about the future of this industry, and it may be applied to other scenarios such as medical, education, industry, etc.

However, the meta-universe is currently at the concept level, and DataBase Labs’ goal is to promote the development of a technology breakthrough and a longer development path, which involves data security and financial security, DataBase Labs would like to recruit relevant talents and enthusiasts, and increase investment to help build the meta-universe developer ecosystem. If you are also optimistic about the development of metaverse, please join DataBase Lab and help build the promise of ‘metaverse’!


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