Nceo invests US$300 million in MOLE Fintech Blockchain EcosystemNceo

On August 2nd, Singapore’s Nceo Group officially announced at the end of July a USD 2.5 million investment transaction in the MOLE blockchain ecosystem (abbreviation: MOLE). CEO Nceo said, “Mole is committed to building decentralized wallets, lending, financing, decentralized exchanges, oracles, asset management brokers and other Defi technology facilities on the basis of multi-chain aggregation. The financial technology service ecology is the first agreement to provide multi-chain aggregate financial ecological services. According to this, Nceo’s financial technology products are applied on Mole’s multi-platform ecosystem and a large number of users, including Ngan Luon-gateway, Vim0-mobile Wallet, and e-commerce, etc. (US Media News)

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