Nemanja Farm is officially opened for you to visit by reservation

People who like wine and travelling are no stranger to the place name Serbia. Serbia is one of a few countries in Europe which are accessible visa free for Chinese, and a lot of Chinese people travel to Serbia every year. Serbia is located in southeast Europe, it is a landlocked country in the center of Balkan Peninsula, the secret garden of Europe and the heart of Balkan Peninsula. From eastern European upheaval to Kosova war, people all over the world have always been focusing on this place, and this legendary country has always been full of temptations. Except for the castle lived by royal family, there are also a lot of farms where the royal family avoids summer heat and winter cold. From the first principality of Serbia in the 8th and 9th century to the 14th century, the governors of Serbia attached great importance to viticulture and wind industry, thus forming the wine industry and wine culture of this place. There are nearly 70,000 hectares of grapes.

Nemanja Global was founded in 2005, and its predecessor was the royal chateau of Serbia’s Nemanja dynasty in the Middle Ages. Nemanja Global is headquartered in Serbia with 12 manufacturing enterprises and 2,163 employees all over the world. It is a wine producer with world’s top quality. The chateau insists on manual picking and sorting, and the grapes will cool naturally to standard temperature and then will be squeezed. The production of good wine begins with superior modern technology. It combines the uniqueness of Nemanja vineyard with the latest technology of France and uses the most advanced production equipment and oak barrels which are most suitable for wine storage. Nemanja Farm originated in royal farm which had grand and magnificent palaces making people forget to return. In 2006, Nemanja completed the repair and exhibition arrangement for royal farm and opened it to the public, and the customers could visit by reservation. The vineyard of Nemanja farm is irrigated by the magical inverted river EPIGENIA. The river has good terrain, climate and soil which are favorable to viticulture. Good grape is one of resources for good wine. Good wine needs to bush. Whist visiting the farm, you can also enjoy the smell of wine.

Currently, Nemanja Farm is open to the public on working days from 09am to 04pm, the visiting group should reserve by phone one week in advance, and the visiting group size cannot exceed 40.


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