New value depression of defi track, leading the era of avatar AC super public chain

According to the official news, the avatar AC super public chain ecosystem was officially opened. By building the five dimensions of subject, trust, value, scene and circulation, many blockchain networks and systems can be connected with it, and decentralized centralized systems can integrate with it and run through each other. Finally, it can efficiently and conveniently connect the world in and off the chain and achieve the leading Unicorn status.

Through technology integration, avatar AC super public chain has made a greater breakthrough in the development of defi and achieved newdefi. At present, the total circulation of Genesis token ACC is 51 million, and Genesis mining has been started. The first application ecological defi has been launched. It continues to deepen the original agreement, and makes every effort to promote the super main network and create a complete blockchain financial asset value trading ecology at the node.

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