Nexon announced the acquisition of ndoors, the developer of Atlantica, and “Genesis Game Association” officially became Nexon’s Game Association

On May 3, Nexon, a famous Korean game factory, announced the acquisition of 67% of the shares of ndors, the developer of Atlantica. Nexon has become the largest shareholder of ndors, and ndors will also become a subsidiary of Nexon.


Through this acquisition of ndors, Nexon has not only obtained the copyright of three MMORPGs under ndors, but also obtained two new MMORPGs being developed by Jin Taikun. In other words, Nexon has obtained six MMORPGs copyright after this acquisition, which helps Nexon develop more rapidly and become a leader in the global online game industry.


Founded in 1991, ndoors is a company specializing in online game R & D and services. Its R & D includes Atlantica, monarch and other game works. Among them, “Atlantica” won the state premier award of the 2008 Korean game award, and successfully operated around the world to promote revenue growth. Ndoors had revenue of 40.3 billion won in 2009.


It is worth noting that in addition to completing the acquisition of ndoors, Nexon also invested in several characteristic guilds of Atlantica game, and incorporated the genesis game guild into its company, hoping to make the game guild play a greater role in the development of the game industry in the future.


When talking about why we chose the genesis Game Association, representative Nexon said: “this is a major exploration. Before that, we didn’t really include the association into the company’s scheme, but the genesis game association was published in Atlantica It has indeed played a great role, especially in technology testing and playability exploration, which may be related to the fact that most of its members are game developers. This is also the reason why we choose the genesis Game Association. We hope that the genesis game association can attract more game developers and enthusiasts to help us test and improve game functions and serve the world To provide a better game experience, we will also support the creation Game Association in more aspects, and even help it establish branches around the world. ”


This means that the genesis Game Association began to move from the initial spontaneous organization of fans to the formal operation of the association, shoulder the special mission of the game industry, gradually move towards the global vision, and become a major feature in the development of the global game industry.

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