Reiki Pet will be launched fully with all efforts to move forward

Since approval in Sep of 2019, the game team and cloud chain lab of Reiki Pet began to develop the technology and create infrastructure. Chris Keanu team took charge of the development and overall design of game, while cloud chain lab was responsible for establishing blockchain technology in the game, ensuring that the two teams could go on simultaneously.

Due to limitation of blockchain technology, the performance of blockchain game cannot compare favorably with traditional internet games directly. Even if the performance of blockchain technology surpasses current internet games, if it still uses current mode, it still has no obvious advantage compared with internet games.

The three key points being broken by Chris Keanu team are the three key points to be solved for development of Reiki Pet.

  1. It is a rigid demand to develop a legal and compliant game from which the players can really feel openness and fairness by means of tamper-resistant information of blockchain technology;
  2. Use the characteristics of realizing value transfer with blockchain technology on transaction of game props;
  3. Open up a new battlefield with the advantages of blockchain technology in the fields with not too high requirements for performance such as mobile games, webpage games, tec.

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Chris Keanu said: “we will bring unique game experiences to global players, combine the latest blockchain technology with game, make game a necessity of life and improve game to a higher level. There are numerous benefits of entering blockchain field, and the most ground-breaking one is that the assets obtained or purchased in game are fully owned by the players. Many players will spend tens of thousands of dollars on purchase in game every year, and now they finally get a change to really own them.”

Nowadays, game industry is one of the industries growing most rapidly all over the world. According to estimation of a famous audit institution, the scale of global electronic game market this year is about 151.06 billion dollars, and it is expected to gradually grow at CAGR of 12.9% from 2020 to 2027. With the expansion of game player group, blockchain game industry is also developing continuously.

Technical improvement is one of important factors influencing the rapid growth of electronic game market. Only by closely following and continuously integrating with the emerging technologies, game market can occupy a position in the increasing competition. Blockchain technology is one of the most powerful weapons which can most thoroughly change the global game market.

Reiki Pet is designed to bring unique experiences to global players by perfectly combining game with blockchain technology, and win a place in blockchain market thanks to the combination which challenges traditional game industry.

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