Sky of City is one of the leading data networks based on WEB3 driven by CS token and DAO.

The NFTs + DAO + META ecosystem was created on WEB3 to build better products and communities under $CS&DAO governance.

Total supply of CS (Sky of City): 90 million, jointly driven by community and DAO.

Token model: buy tax fee 6%, all used for promotion rewards. (transfer binding) requires holding certain amount of token to activate binding relationship. sell tax fee 10% ,among which 4% converted to BNB and added to NFT contract, 4% converted to BNB and added to token initial issue repurchase contract, 2% burned.
3% transfer burned. Promotion rewards rule: need to hold 1000 tokens, activated when transfer the lower level 10 tokens. Level 1, 2%; Level 2, 1.5%; Level 3, 1.5%; Level 4, 0.5%; Level 5, 0.5%.

Sky of City has brought new definition for the NFT product circulation value through the NFT Fund Pool. Holding Sky of City genesis NFT , you can not only obtain sub-token HARRY through the game, but can obtain BNB from the transfer burning of NFT Fund Pool. (Pool BNB/NFT quantity will increase with the stable development of CS ecosystem)

The DAO Fund Pool repurchase BNB at the issue price, and users can claim CS at issue price for real DAO by transferring token to the DAO Fund Pool and burn.

The project team holds 0 token, all contract code is open source and will soon pass CK security audit.

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