Swarm/Nbzz main network will be officially launched on September 25

With the launch of Swarm mainnet on June 21, the distributed storage market has also seen a new round of high tide. swarm comes with its own aura and star effect from birth: “incubated by the ethereum foundation”, “developed by V-God”, “the next Filecoin”, “luxury investment lineup”, etc. From the entire official publicity, Swarm carries strong Ether properties, and the global consensus on Ether spills over to Swarm, making Swarm far hotter than Filecoin back then.


Swarm was born to solve the storage problem of ethereum. Swarm, which came from a famous family, was once expected by the market, and its token BZZ was highly regarded by investors. However, since the main online and BZZ opened for circulation, Swarm has been deeply involved in the whirlpool of public opinion, and the current market criticism of BZZ is mainly focused on its imperfect token incentive mechanism design.

Faced with the current situation of BZZ, the official technical team of Swarm, Leet Squad, started to think about the solution to break the situation and developed a new communication protocol plug-in solution – Swarm/Nbzz, specifically for improving and solving the Bzz node incentive problem, improving the incentive model for tokens, solving the Swarm node users’ immediate needs, safeguarding the interests of miners and node maintainers, helping node users gain long-term revenue value, and realizing the original vision of Swarm.

Swarm/Nbzz is an extension plug-in project that fully follows the Swarm API specification, which implements two features on top of Swarm/BZZ, adding online hours rewards to the Swarm network in addition to service provisioning rewards, so that the project development of Swarm will not be subject to the imbalance of the short-time distributed storage supply and demand market, increasing the Swarm node rights and interests, and help the healthy development of Swarm network.


It also adds a new distributed computing cluster network interface belonging to the Swarm/Nbzz plugin, which allows applications to invoke more performance from Swarm nodes within the specification and sets up additional service provisioning rewards beyond the distributed storage of the Swarm network itself.The Swarm/Nbzz plugin optimizes the computing resources of the Swarm network and increases the Swarm network penetration in WEB 3.0, making the Swarm network the most comprehensive distributed computing infrastructure network in terms of coverage.

According to official news, Swarm/Nbzz will officially launch its main network on September 25, which means that miners can participate in the construction of the Swarm/Nbzz main network, and the Nbzz mining era is coming. Different from the traditional high energy consumption BTC as the representative of the old mining coin mining, Swarm NBZZ mainly focuses on the POS field, which shortens the time of consensus reaching to a certain extent and avoids consuming a lot of energy mining.

In the era of digital economy, distributed storage is one of the hottest application scenarios, and according to relevant statistics, the global data storage market will break the USD 100 billion mark by 2024. At present, Swarm drives the distributed storage market into a new journey, no matter from its origin, team background, investment lineup and total scarcity, its future potential is huge, based on Swarm born Swarm/Nbzz, is currently one of the hottest projects in the whole digital asset market, the future is promising and will live up to expectations! Don’t miss out on NBZZ after missing Fil and Chia!

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