Swarm/NBZZ main network will be online soon, NBZZ mining era is coming

According to the official news, on September 25, Swarm/Nbzz mainnet will be officially launched, when miners will be able to participate in Swarm/Nbzz mainnet construction, Nbzz mining era is coming, a new era is coming!

The main Swarm/Nbzz website is online, which means that the main development work of Swarm/NBZZ has been completed, and the “building in the air” has become a “rough building”, which lays the most crucial foundation for the subsequent “decoration” and “design of functional areas”. The most critical foundation for the subsequent “renovation” and “design of functional areas” has been laid. Therefore, for Swarm/NBZZ and the market investors, the main website is not the end, but a new starting point.


As we all know, Swarm distributed storage is designed to provide data storage, bandwidth and other resources support for Ether applications, but it has been deeply involved in the public opinion due to its lack of a sound economic incentive system. Therefore, Leet Squad, the official technical team of Swarm, has developed a new communication protocol plug-in solution, Swarm/Nbzz, specifically for improving and solving the Bzz node incentive problem, improving the incentive model for tokens, solving the immediate needs of Swarm node users, and safeguarding the interests of miners and node maintainers, helps node users gain long-term revenue value, and realizes Swarm’s original vision.

Swarm/Nbzz is an extension plugin project that fully follows the Swarm API specification, which implements two features on top of Swarm, adding online hours rewards to the Swarm network in addition to service provisioning rewards, so that the development of Swarm’s project will not be limited by the imbalance of the short-time distributed storage supply and demand market, increasing Swarm node This will allow the development of Swarm’s project to not be affected by the imbalance between the supply and demand market of distributed storage in a short period of time, increase the rights and interests of Swarm nodes, and help the healthy development of Swarm network.

It also adds a new distributed computing cluster network interface belonging to the Swarm/Nbzz plugin, which allows applications to invoke more performance from Swarm nodes within the specification and sets up additional service provisioning rewards beyond the distributed storage of the Swarm network itself.The Swarm/Nbzz plugin optimizes the computing resources of the Swarm network and increases the Swarm network penetration in WEB 3.0, making the Swarm network the most comprehensive distributed computing infrastructure network in terms of coverage.


The ultimate goal of Swarm and Ether is to build an autonomous digital society – one that is secure, trusted, censorship-proof, zero-downtime and self-sustaining. The Ether network provides Swarm with a large audience and user base, and enables the protocol to scale more quickly and efficiently, and as the Ether ecosystem grows, the Etherchain’s data will become increasingly large.

In the future, as Swarm continues to grow, Swarm/Nbzz will also get better and better. The birth of Swarm/Nbzz solves the Bzz node incentive problem, and it can be said that Swarm/Nbzz is an indispensable component to make the Swarm network as well as Ether complete. This Swarm/Nbzz main online will prompt the full arrival of the decentralized Web3.0 era, and its future potential is endless. Swarm/Nbzz empowers the Swarm distributed storage market, revolutionizes the traditional Internet, and leads humanity into a brand new era of Web3.0.

Swarm/NBZZ, a new communication protocol plug-in solution based on Swarm, is fully prepared and ready to take off, and will join the whole distributed storage industry to welcome the new era belonging to Swarm/NBZZ!

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