The meta-universe era started from King’s Manor, shaping the blue ocean of the chain travel market

The independent and creative meta-universe chain tour “King’s Manor” has been officially launched on November 20, with an average daily registered number of more than 1,000. As of today, the number of registered players on the entire network has exceeded 6,000. Its ecological token TD is issued at a price of 2USDT; as of today, the price of TD token has reached a maximum of 69USDT. King’s Manor is creating a new era of chain game market, deepening the potential value of the meta-universe era. King’s Manor is a new-style meta-universe chain game that integrates simulation management, farm construction, crop planting, construction DIY and many auxiliary gameplays. It aims to create a free and open meta-universe chain game ecology. It aims to establish a benchmark for the meta-universe game industry in the world and expand the blue ocean of future chain game applications.

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