Union Medical Nation (UMN) is created because of medical care, which will benefit the public and lead the future

Recently, with the launch of the UltronGlow public blockchain, Union Medical Nation (UMN), a Unionmedical chain based on the UltronGlow public blockchain, has entered the public’s field of vision.


Union Medical Nation (UMN) is a decentralized medical and health service platform built on the UltronGlow public blockchain based on the side chain of UltronGlow sharing data. UMN breaks the traditional service model centered on medical institutions, realizes the transformation from medical institution-oriented to patient-oriented, and establishes a blockchain-based medical data value sharing network, so that everyone can obtain global high-quality medical resources and services.

As we all know, in 2020, the Covid19 is raging and sweeping the world because of the medical data and information cannot be shared effectively, which led to this human catastrophe that has spread to the world. Looking at the shortcomings of the global medical system in this way, the medical industry itself is a huge island of information, with massive amounts of data but unable to establish effective connections. The difficulty and cost of obtaining data for companies in the medical industry is very huge, which restricts the development of the industry. The UMN team saw a huge opportunity in this catastrophe—using blockchain technology to solve the problems of data sharing and information security in the medical industry, and innovating new rules for the medical track.

UMN solves the pain points of uneven allocation of medical resources and opaque data through blockchain, and realizes the decentralization of personal medical information. Meet the needs of data security sharing in the medical industry. A large amount of medical data on the UMN can use UltronGlow’s huge edge computing storage server node for distributed fragment storage on the chain, and data security is guaranteed. To ensure high-speed sharing of big data while ensuring personal privacy and security.

UMN application scenarios include medical data sharing, patient health information protection, treatment resource sharing, medical staff resource sharing, clinical trial records, medical equipment data records, hospital bed data, billing claims, drug prices and resources, medical records, universities Textbook learning and other fields. Global medical institutions, insurance institutions and medical universities can become verification nodes on the UMN chain. With the consent of the patient, the verification node can use the zero-knowledge proof function of UMN to view the patient’s medical information and add medical information. In the UMN, user information is not publicly available to everyone, but to whom and when is disclosed by means of zero-knowledge proof. The information of each customer is in the form of NFT, and only the private key can confirm the modification of the information. As a result, while ensuring user information security, it also shares data, promotes the development of the medical industry, and benefits all mankind.

UMN introduces “security”, “sharing”, “co-advance”, “innovation” and “medicine” into the digital pass UMN, bringing the medical industry the first real combination of value and information. As the key to the Union Medical Nation, UMN will become the only value token with universal consensus in the new order. It will issue 2.1 million as a whole and be destroyed through handling fees. In the end, there are only 420,000 (20%) remaining on the entire network.

In the face of many problems arising in the medical industry, the combination of UMN and the medical industry will bring new room for progress. With the unique characteristics of transparency and decentralization of the blockchain, it brings higher value to the digital economy. Under the intensive wave of value, inflation will no longer exist.

Globalization and a new era of digital medical care have begun. Union Medical Nation (UMN) was created in medical care, benefiting the public, and leading the future.

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