[UTG represented Web3 Encrypted Network delegates at Web3 Industry Summit in Istanbul].

UltronGlow has officially confirmed its attendance at the “What’s Web3.0” industry summit to be held in Istanbul on June 14. It is understood that this industry summit in Istanbul will be attended by more than 100 elite entrepreneurs, organization representatives and community representatives to explore the cutting edge of Web3.0. UTG will use this opportunity to develop decentralized autonomous communities in Asia and Europe, and spread the consensus thinking of UTG network, and go further in the path of global evangelism.

UltronGlow (UTG) is a new blockchain network that combines on-chain assets with off-chain real business. UTG contains data fragmentation storage or public storage, edge computing, and a fully decentralized data network. It aims to unlock a whole new era using digital networks to make future developers, app users, service providers and even meta-universe solutions more convenient and secure.

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