UTG was officially launched. BitMart opened UTG/USDT transaction pairs, and the transaction volume exceeded 300,000 USDT within an hour

According to the official news, UltronGlow (UTG), a new distributed edge computing fragmentation storage network, has officially launched BitMart exchange and opened UTG/USDT trading pairs at 17:00 (UTG+8) on May 23. Within one hour after the launch, the total transaction volume exceeded 300,000 USDT, and the highest UTG price was 64.96USDT within one hour. The current price is 53.47USDT, with the highest increase of 185.6%.
UltronGlow (UTG) is a new blockchain network that combines the assets on the chain with the real business off the chain. UTG includes data fragmentation or public storage, edge computing, and a fully decentralized data network. It aims to use digital networks to unlock a whole new era, making future developers, App users, service providers and even meta-cosmic solutions more convenient and secure.

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