Wemade Metaverse six Strategic Layout

The metaverse will bring more influence and changes to human society than the Internet in the next 20-30 years. All the existence in the real world can be mapped and shaped in the future virtual scene, and it will also bring more imagination, which is a big road with unlimited opportunities.

Wemade metaverse will integrate blockchain, 5G, VR, AR, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data and other cutting-edge digital technologies, so that everyone can get rid of the constraints of real conditions in the physical world, thus achieving a better self and maximizing their value in the new digital space.



Layout 1: Deep integration of digital economy and real economy

The main application scenario created by Wemade Metaverse is the real economy. In the future Wemade Metaverse, people around the world will be able to communicate and collaborate efficiently, fully connected smart devices will be effectively linked, industry chain collaboration will become more transparent and efficient, and the “Internet of Everything” will gradually move towards “Mutual Trust of Everything”, then “Transaction of Everything” and “Collaboration of Everything”. The “interconnection of everything” will gradually move to “mutual trust of everything”, and then to “transaction of everything” and “collaboration of everything”.

Wemade Metaverse will have a completely different industrial picture and business form than now, and the digital economy and the real economy will be deeply integrated.

Layout 2: Turning data into core assets

As a core strategic resource like oil, Wemade Metaverse will develop a data economy system that will put an end to the monopoly of data assets by centralized Internet institutions and the abuse of users’ privacy data, and replace it with a new economic system that fully realizes the protection of data rights and interests and the transformation of data assets and elements.

Layout 3: Community Economy

Since the emergence of the Internet, many people just gathered some fellow members and pulled together a community to make some great achievements that were previously impossible for large companies.

In the digital era, the upgrade of organizational form is a deeper change than the change of asset form and business model. The “corporate organization” will gradually decline, and the “economic community”, which is open, fair, transparent and symbiotic, is expected to become the mainstream organizational form, and the organizational goal will change to “maximizing the value of community ecology”.

Layout 4: Reinventing self-image and identity information

With the further integration of digital life and social life, and the migration of people’s daily life to the metaverse in all aspects, digital image will also become the main social image of human society.

Wemade Metaverse will design users’ own digital image, and everyone will have a digital identity with universality, independence and privacy. Thus, the identity, data, credit and asset system will be connected and gradually integrated with the real identity, so as to guarantee the good life of users in the metaverse.

Layout 5: Digital Culture Prosperity

The development of digital art will be the trend of future cultural prosperity. Wemade Metaverse will create a cultural industry with NFT as the carrier and online circulation method, which will remove the materiality constraints of the physical world and realize the era of great development, prosperity and mainstreaming of digital culture.

Layout 6: Realizing Global Inclusive Digital Finance

Wemade Metaverse will try to digitally reconstruct the global financial infrastructure, eliminate unnecessary financial intermediaries, reduce the threshold and cost of financial services, and optimize the way and experience of people using financial services .

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In the metaverse built by Wemade, digital and physical will be fully integrated, and all economic activities will be transformed to digital economy. Not only to achieve formal digitalization, but also to achieve true universalization, so that everyone can use digital financial services in a low-cost and high-efficiency way.

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